4 reasons why you should open your house to the world

I’ve never been in the culture of hosting some foreign persons, and till now, I still didn’t do it.

But I recently got to meet people from different nationalities and regions, I also met their hosts and it completly changed my point of view.

Why I didn’t have the culture of hosting ?

At first, I thought hosting someone meant that I won’t be comfortable in my own house. I am not the kind of social person, I was afraid : What if I don’t like the person ? What if they don’t like me ? What if I want to sleep ? What if they don’t like what I cook ? What if they get sick ?

All these what if’s, I throw them now in garbage. It’s risky to host someone you never knew before I admit, but it also have a lot of advantages.

If you’re interested in discovering new cultures just keep reading !


Sans titre-1

Internet is great to know about other countries, other cultures. It is great to read about their way of living, or to see through videos. Of course it is. But, it is way better to have someone, a real one who lives in that community. He is rich, he might know better than the internet because he is actually living it. What’s better than that ?
And guess what, living with you helps him to learn about your culture too. It’s a great way of exchange!

Sans titre-2

Again, nowadays internet gives us all what we want. Do you want to learn a new language ? Just type on the website space and you’ll get tons and tons of lessons. But practice makes perfect, isn’t it ? If you practice with a native speaker you will learn and you definitely improve.

Sans titre-3
Opinions come generally according to the way you lived, it changes from a region to another, from a family to another but still, if you live in the same country you still get some similarities, but what if you change ? You’ll get new opinions about some issues, what if a french guy goes to korea or any other asian country. They definitely don’t live the same way and so, they definitely won’t have the same eye as european people. And that will only get you richer !

Sans titre-5
This is my favorite part.
Guess what ? If you host someone, you will get a friend from abroad ! (or an ennemy in some cases) but let’s focus on the positive sides ! Generally, people who are not in their main country won’t feel that confortable and they will be afraid to do bad things in a foreign country.
Anyways, getting friends from all around the world is the most exciting thing ever. You will keep in touch, exchange snail mails and electronic mails, and if one day you want to visit their country you’re sure there is someone who’s waiting you, who will not hesitate to help you discovering it and mainly, someone who will take care of you once there.

So, what are you waiting for to host new faces ? I could share dishes with Koreans, a spanish, tunisians and french girls and that was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever lived. My korean got better, I am discovering some good korean animations and many other things!

Credits to:

Anthony Ginsbrook Vincent Camacho Matthew Henry Max Bender


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