The trip is around the corner. ღ

I’ve been looking for tips and ideas to write an ultimate first blog post, but none of the ideas helped me. The ideas were mainly about specific topics as receipes, fitness or healthy stuff. Unfortunatly, those are not what I am going to talk about in this blog.

To be honest, I still don’t have a specific idea of what I will write in the future. The name “Wide Wild Bubble” says it all. Wide because it will be large, wild because I am the kind of wild girl who is not afraid to try new things and bubble, because I am kind of living in my own bubble. This is what my blog is going to talk about. Me, myself and I. My discoveries, creations, hobbies and reviews of new things I’ve been trying and testing. I will maybe talk about my travels also, although for some reasons, I don’t travel a lot. But I believe that travelling isn’t only about going overseas, as Claude Roy said in his book ❝ Le bon usage du monde ❞, The trip is around the corner. I’ve been believing in this quote since ages now. I am thirsty, discovering each alley of each city in my country, discovering each culture, history and gastronomy of my own country.

Don’t you know where I live ?

I live in north Africa, in its biggest country. Its area is not less than 2,381,741 square kilometers, it has sahara, beaches and moutains. The skin of its people might be black, tan or blond. We have two completly different official languages : Arabic and Berber. Most of us speak French and English. French due to the French colonisation in 1830 and English, because we study it since middle school. The culture ? The gastronomy ? I live in here for twenty one years and still didn’t discover everything. Each region is different from the other, each region is RICH, it has its own clothes, food, dialect and history.

To summarize, I am Algerian, I live in Algeria and I don’t know from where I came from.

We had romans, we had othomans and we had french people. Our native inhabitants are Amazigh, our old name’s country is Numidia.

This is Algeria, the biggest country in africa.

Now that I have talked about that, I think I can talk about me. I am a student, studying computer sciences, and as I said before, I am 21y.o. I’ve always dreamed of having a real blog, but I’ve always written in French due to my confort with this language. But it is not the case now, I will be writing in english, maybe to improve it and maybe to be more open to the world.

As first question to interract with followers, I’d like to know, what does your country look like ? Which languages do you speak ? 


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